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See Latest on MTN 5G and (How to Activate 5G Network)

MTN 5G is here to stay based on the information on their website mtnonline.com the MTN 5G gives you the experience of lighting speed in video streaming.

Immerse yourself in the world of VR and gaming and Air-to-everything. It is believed that the 5G network will be more than just streaming or browsing technology rather it will be attached to our day to day life. See below short video for the newly talked about MTN 5G its possibility and expectations.

The MTN 5G is Here

How to Activate 5G on MTN?

How do I get 5G?

When the MTN 5G is available you may need to sign up or upgrade to a qualifying price plan and get a smartphone that is 5G ready.

You can also sign up or upgrade to a 5G data plan that includes a 5G-enabled router, providing you with plug and play connectivity.

The Newly Introduced MTN Logo What’s changed


MTN’s Ambition 2025 strategy led to a significant evolution in the way they define themselves as a company. They are at an inflection point. Now, more than ever, true progress will be realised by closing the gap between CAN and DO.

So, let’s get Doing.

Because Doing finds a way. It makes a plan. It doesn’t ask for permission. It doesn’t stop at done. We have a lot to do before 2025, and it all starts with a simple question.

The Truth about 5G in Nigeria and MTN’s New Logo

As earlier stated on how to activate the 5G network, you need 5G enabled devices and here on MTN, I listed the brands with the latest 5G enable networks and their prices in the market. See below the article on 5G smartphones for this year.

What do you think about the MTN 5G and the 5G enabled smartphones that were talked about in this article? Leave your comment on your choosing brands of 5G phones in the comment box below.

The next part of this article is about how to locate where to configure the 5G network on your Android and iOS smartphones

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