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How to Make up to N50,000 on SHAREit lite App

SHAREit Lite App let you make money through your phone and as well as let you perform five (5) other activities on the phone.

I will only limit this article on how to make money through SHAREit Lite App. And I believed you too can start making money right after reading this article.

How to Make Money with SHAREit Lite App

SHAREit Lite App

1. The SHAREit Lite App allows you to register with any of your email, Facebook or even phone numbers. And if you have more emails and many Facebook accounts then you are on the verge of making N50,000 daily with the App. As you can be switching your accounts to benefit from the various opportunities.

2. Another tip is to play the Chest Battle Game which can be played by two to six people. The fun of the game and its benefits is that the winner wins it all.

What do I mean by the winner wins it all, I think those who are used to playing games knows this when two people are playing PlayStation and someone wins then the loser will pay for the game if you went to play at the gaming centre or cafe.

So assuming four of your friends play the Chest Battle game on SHAREit lite app and the first player or player 1 got 6000, the player 2 got like 3590, player 3 has 7800 and player 4 got 4700. Based on the game a faster finger wins it all. the player with the highest score, SHAREit lite will add up all the other players’ scores and transfer them to the winners’ account.

With this, you are getting closer to earning the N50,000 daily. And at this point, I think I deserve to get a share of this article to your friends and even your social media platforms in other for these useful tips to be beneficial to more people, so you have more people to play with and win a lot.

3. The next is a common game but for newcomers to play that give need faster fingers as well, you need to press as faster as possible to win more money, I believe your first experience will lead you the next time of playing the game.

However, there is a timer to tell you when to play the next game, but with multiple account registration, then you are closer to earning N50,000 daily from SHAREit lite

4. This part is also a common thing many people are used to, that is spin, www.jumia.com.ng always use this for their customer to win phones, fashion items, kitchen utensils, Home and office materials and even free vouchers or gift card. you can check all the aforementioned items here for absolutely free.

With the SHAREit lite spin, you are liable to win a lot ranging from;

  • 3x diamond box
  • 500
  • 2000
  • 800
  • 200
  • 320
  • 3000
  • 10x diamond box and even
  • 18x diamond box

All this in the daily spin, but unlucky for me since the day that i have installed the App on my phone, I never won anything on the spin but rather a smile with No Prized

SHAREit lite App

You can as well try your luck on it and with multiple account registration, as I said earlier then you are closer to earning N50,000 daily from the SHAREit lite App.

5. The next on how to get yourself N50,000 is by sharing this App with people and it is called a referral, where you get commissions or value for letting people know about a product. As shared in the image above, you get N1,500 if you are able to unluck by inviting two (2) people to start to use the SHAREit App.

And as said earlier in this article, if you refer friends and family to use this App you have more people to play with and win a lot with SHAREit Lite App and win yourself 5180 per person that joins through you.

Is that not a deal to get closer to N50,000 daily.

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