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How Can You Save Money As A Freelance Writer Using The Free Tools

More and more people are switching to freelancing due to changing work conditions, a pandemic, and economic crisis. People are open up to numerous opportunities, and by availing them, they are working independently, earning well, and refining their skills. How to save money as a freelance writer using the free tools.

Working independently may appear to be a dream come true. Freelancers enjoy flexible schedules, new and exciting work, and the freedom to work from home, appealing to anyone who can self-motivate.

It comes with hardships. Luckily, numerous tools are available for freelance writers, primarily free! If you have the correct set of tools, getting through and tackling these obstacles can be a lot easier.

This article will walk you through free freelance writer tools and how they can help you with your writing work.

Save Money As A Freelance Writer Using the Free Tools

Freelance Writer Using Free Tools

People choose to freelance for various reasons, but the most common one is the desire for independence. They need:

  • Freedom to explore interests and talents.
  • Freedom to work with the clients of their choices.
  • Ability to work according to their pace and schedule

A freelance writer creates online content that educates or entertains its readers. Good content writers must be able to write in a variety of tones and formats and have a firm knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).

They create blog articles, web pages, video scripts, white papers, and other types of content.

However, freelancing isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Freelancers have to take care of many things on their own. This article includes a few tools to help you keep on track and give your best.

Tools to Find Clients:

You’ll need to find clients to be a successful freelance writer. Find clients who are willing to pay you more. Here are the most effective tools for finding great clients on online platforms.


One of the most important sites to hunt for new clients is LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn in various ways.

The first step is to develop your profile so that clients may quickly locate you. The most effective approach is to include relevant keywords in your title. Another method is using the LinkedIn job board for hunting for work actively.

You’ll have to do a lot of research, but the LinkedIn job board is where you will find long-term clients.


Upwork is a freelancing marketplace that advertises programmers, designers, writers, and marketing experts opportunities. It’s free.

It’s a global marketplace for freelancers. Companies post a job description, and freelancers can send a proposal and bid on the job.

Work and earn money in a variety of ways. Make a job offer. Make a pitch for your projects. Talk to the recruiters about your in-demand talents, so they can uncover jobs that match your passions and professional ambitions. Build your network and create a reliable pathway.

Tools to Help You Work With Clients:

Finding a new client is, of course, only the first step. You must figure out how to team up with them, interact with clients, and get paid.


Are you tired of wasting time finding meeting times that work for both parties? Calendly makes it simple to get right to the point: send recipients your distinct scheduling URL, which displays multiple meeting options based on your calendar availability.

Calendly allows you to plan one-on-one or group meetings, and it integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud, and apps like Salesforce, Zapier, Slack, and MailChimp.

Calendly also handles timezone detection automatically, allowing you to schedule meetings with clients from other countries with less chaos.


To keep communication smooth, Slack engages channels. You start channels for the project, and everyone on the track sees the same information and messages, ensuring that everyone follows the same plan of action.

Slack enables you to share your files, record a voice note or a video call in your channel. You can also link multiple tools and apps with Slack. This tool offers three pricing levels based on the size of your company.


Since the pandemic, Zoom has been the most popular way to hold online conferences and webinars with people worldwide.

Emails are great, but you’ll probably want to meet with your clients in person now and then. Zoom is an excellent tool for attaining this.

Zoom allows you to host meetings with multiple people and record them to the cloud. You can also chat, upload documents, and share your screen with others.

Tools To Organize Your Project:

The most valuable trait for a freelancer to master is task management. When distractions abound, you must retain your focus on your task.

Whether you’re working as a team leader or a team member, the tools listed below can help you manage your time and projects from start to finish for satisfactory results and a contented client.


Asana is a well-known tool. Teams use the product not only to track progress but also to communicate about a task or project. Boards in Asana can be used to visualize the work. There is also a task dependency system, which allows you to mark tasks as waiting on another task.

You can show your team how everything fits together using the timeline feature. There’s a “Workload” function that enables you to manage the workload of other team members.

Asana offers four pricing options: free basic plans, premium plans, business plans, and enterprise plans.


If you frequently sign a contract with clients, DocuSign is essential. The cloud-based software facilitates the creation, signing, and sharing of documents with others.

All contracts include fill-up forms, and this tool automatically saves a copy of the agreement after signing up.


Trello provides a birds-eye vision of any project you’re working on. When you start a new project, you will make it aboard. Then, within each board, you’ll insert new cards with to-do list items.

You can add checklists, documents or images, and more to the card, as well as tag other members.

Trello has numerous “Power-Ups” that enable features such as watching cards in a calendar view and integrating programs such as Dropbox. Trello offers three pricing levels: free, business class, and enterprise.

Tools To Improve Writing Skills:

As a freelance writer, content writing is the most in-demand freelance skill today. Content marketing effectively drives sales and purchases, so many websites constantly need content.


Hemingway app is a free grammar checker that provides valuable insights into the written content for yourself or a client. One of the fascinating things is the ability to know the level at which your content reads.

Taking it a step further, Hemingway suggests ways to make your writing more concise and readable by replacing jargon with simpler words, splitting up paragraphs, and switching between active and passive voice for consistency.


Prepostseo is the best site with multiple tools in its domain. It has a variety of tools for a freelance writer using the free tools. For freelance writers, it also has the best writing tools.

A plagiarism checker is one of them. Plagiarism is unacceptable, and avoiding it is necessary for all. It contains the plagiarism checker tool that will help you to detect plagiarism. It will show the report in percentage.

Once you have written the content, it is necessary to check for grammar mistakes. If there are any grammar or spelling mistakes, you should correct them. You can’t read line by line to check these mistakes. Prepostseo provides you with a grammar checker tool that will help you identify the content’s grammatical errors. You can then check for correction.

Freelance writers are supposed to bring new content each time. Still, it’s not possible every time, so various paraphrasing tools are available to effectively help you get through this writing process.

Prepostseo is an excellent paraphrasing tool for freelance writers. The free tools help you improve your writing by ensuring that your content is free of plagiarism. The paraphrasing tool will help you paraphrase the content online without any cost. Using this tool will be a cost-saving and time-saving opportunity for you.

Article summarizer is the next in the row. You can summarize the whole article just in a few lines with the help of this article summarizer.

The Pre-post SEO plugin examines the article’s SEO score before publishing it and suggests improving the page’s SEO. This tool has some unique features that are not present in other tools.

If you want full access to the tools, you should think about buying one of the premium plans, which are inexpensive and practical.


Remembering everything you need to learn is a recipe for trouble. There’s no way your brain can remember every tiny detail of your day on its own.

To take ideas out of your brain and into an actionable (and searchable) note format, use a tool like Evernote. Notes should be organized into notebooks and tagged to make it easier to find relevant information.

Evernote is a straightforward app that is incredibly helpful for brainstorming, writing posts, and writing notes quickly and easily.


A freelance writer using the free tools

Editpad is also considered the hub of writing tools. It contains the writing tools for any level of writer.

It contains the text editor tool for writers. You can edit the text online using this tool. The other beauty is that it contains a plain and rich text editor. It will tell you about your word count. You can save the file for future purposes.

An article rewriter is one of them. The Editpad’s Article Rewriter is a user-friendly tool. This tool helps create unique and appealing content in a matter of minutes. Unlike others, the use of the editpad rewriter tool is effortless. You can improve the readability of your content by using Editpad.

This online tool can rewrite the given content by replacing specific words in the text with their appropriate synonyms.

It contains the paraphrasing tool that will be needed by you as a freelance writer. The most recent technology in editpad’s paraphrasing tool offers you the best possible results, making your content more readable and shiny. This paraphraser will rephrase the content making it best. There will be no mistake in its paraphrased content. It will look like written by a professional human.

After paraphrasing the content, you can check for plagiarism with its plagiarism checker tool. This tool is free to use and give 100% accurate result. You can check for the plagiarism of one thousand words using this tool.

Its grammar checker tool will help you identify the grammatical errors in the content. You can correct the mistakes once highlighted.


One of the good things you can do as a freelance writer is to invest in yourself. The freelance writer using the free tools outlined in this article will help you narrow down more clients, work effectively with them, save money, and become a better writer.

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