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How I Make N4978 with Jumia Affiliate Today (See How to Make Money on Jumia)

This is the latest update to my previous article about Jumia and how to make money on Jumia Affiliate. And for those that are new to making money online legitimately, then read about my articles on the easy ways of making money through your phone.

I chose to make money on Jumia for many reasons;

  • Jumia has proven to be Africa largest online mall
  • Trusted by many
  • Flexibility in doing transaction
  • Easy to use App and site

All these and many more make Jumia being the current number one online shopping site in Nigeria. As we all know that an online store is where you can purchase all your electronics, as well as books, home appliances, kiddies items, fashion items for men, women, and children; cool gadgets, computers, groceries, automobile parts, and more on the go.

Men's Fashion Category
Women's Fashion Category

So all these reputations by them make it easy for me to make money on Jumia as an affiliate as I have just little to do and I don’t need to go around anyone before I can make money on Jumia.

How to Make Money on Jumia Affiliate

Make Money on Jumia
Enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction when you enter the code WELCOME20. #jumiapay

There are like three ways to make money on Jumia, but I will only limit this to Jumia Affiliate and for the love of those that will like to explore them, then see the list below;

The JForce is a platform where you promote and make money on Jumia items to people, you help your friends and family or even co-workers purchase online with their money, you may choose to pay on delivery or pay with JumiaPay and get discounted. But at the end of the transaction Jumia through JForce pays you commissions of all the sales that come through you. (JForce is more of physical activities)

Enjoy 20% cashback on your first transaction when you enter the code WELCOME20. #jumiapay

Jumia Vendor is the best and my most preferred way to make money on Jumia. It is also the fastest and easier way to make money on the Jumia platform.

All you have to do is to display items you wish to sell on the Jumia website and Jumia will do the marketing for you. If a customer wishes to buy your items or product you will be contacted and send the item while Jumia collects the money and pay it into your own account.

Why I love this Jumia Vendor is that with your shop at home you still reach out to the outside world and make sales, earn money, get profits in a twinkle of an eye. Your brands and item will be displayed on Jumia making them well known online. And you only pay Jumia for this service they provide through their platform when only you make sales based on the percentage you have initially agreed on. This to me is a win-win situation.

Jumia Affilaite Program

As a website owner, I promote Jumia products on my website and with this Jumia pays me for any conversion I made. I do this in form of products review, I pick a product that relates to my website niches just like TECH PRODUCTS, I review it, talk about its specifications and features as well as how much it cost or you can get it in the market and then apply my Jumia generated hyperlinks that will lead the prospective buyers to the Jumia page.

Free Voucher

I think this step is an easy way to make money. And if you are interested to be a Jumia Affiliate, you can register for free from their Jumia Affiliate website link here.

Free Delivery Deals

How to Promote Jumia Affiliate Products

There are numerous ways to promote and make money on Jumia.

Jumia makes your work easier as an affiliate as what they want from you is just the traffic (sending people to their website or App) and that is all. If you referred one person to their page within 30days of anything that the person purchases you get a commission from it through Jumia.

  • You can promote and share Jumia products on your social media (that is popular type that people uses)
  • Promote Jumia on your website
  • Through email marketting
  • Any many more channels you can think of

In a manner to let you make money on Jumia, there are tools that can help you to promote their products, this can be with;

  • Advertising through Jumia Offers
  • Advertising with Custom Links

The custom link is where you copy a particular item or group of items that you think will be interesting to some group of people from the Jumia page and ask Jumia to generate hyperlinks of the page for you so as to earn a big commission.

While, if you promote with Jumia offers, this makes work easier, Jumia has already created some promotional offers that you just copy and promote directly as your commission will be paid to you based on the sales. See below for examples of such offers.

How you can make money on Jumia with the Jumia Offers

As a reminder you have to register for free first, then click on advertise Jumia Offers. You select your country as you know Jumia is present in more than 12 African countries.

Make Money on Jumia

Fashion products earn you more commissions, you can get up to 9% after a sale as a Jumia affiliate. See below the commission matrix for the Jumia affiliate.

Jumia Affiliate new commission matrix

If you are from other African countries and not a Nigerian, then see your country commission matrix in their support link here.

However, for two reasons I will share here some of how Jumia recently created Advertising Offers for you below.

Mobile Category
Everything on JUMIA
Health and beauty category
Small Appliances

As people click on these clickable Jumia image offers and get converted to buyer, then your phone will be busted with an alert as I received my N4,978 from sales through my affiliate links on Jumia.

If you have any questions on this article on how to make money on Jumia generally, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me with the contact page below. I will be more than happy to help and guide you.

I also need your help, in order to help your friends and family that can also get useful tips from this short and important article on how to make money on Jumia Affiliate. Please, consider sharing this on your social platform as this will go a long way to make people get money legitimately online from Jumia.

Who knows, this article may be a game-changer for someone who has been seeking ways to make money online, but with a lot of friends that he/she can convert from social media.

Your shares and likes motivate us to serve you better. Don’t forget that there is love in sharing.

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