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How to join an Affiliate Program that Pays more than N6k daily in Nigeria

An Affiliate Program is the simplest way to earn and get rich legitimately online. It’s the process by which you introduce a particular product to the people while the owner of the product (advertiser) pays you based on the commission metric agreed on.

Affiliate Program is interchangeably used as Affiliate Marketing which also means an agreement in which a business pays another business or influencer (“the affiliate“) a commission for sending traffic and/or sales their way.

In Nigeria, there are numerous Affiliate Programs and notable ones are the online shopping malls like Konga.com and Jumia.com among others. Jumia and Konga are just like Amazon Affiliate which is the current leading online mall in the world (that is as at the time of making this article). And for Amazon to reach that status, people make them be and this was possible through Affiliate Marketing, engaging people to market for them while they get commissions in return.

How to Join an Affiliate Program in Nigeria

Affiliate Program

I will be sharing with you many Affiliate Programs in the nearest future but for today my discussion will only base on Jumia Affiliate Program that can fetch you more than 6K on one single sale and imaging getting more than a sale in a day, meaning you will be up to something bigger.

Jumia is the current leading online shopping more in Africa with Jumia Branches in over 10 countries in the Africa continent.

Meaning you can market Jumia from any part of Africa and even from abroad since we are in a global village of internet.

I do participate on Jumia Affiliate and as an Affiliate to Jumia, I promote their products for years until they started to misbehave and that is the reason you find out that many people are no more promoting Jumia on their platforms, except the likes of Naijatechgiude that still promote Jumia as an Affiliate.

Just in the last quarter of 2020, Jumia email some of their top Affiliate on what to be expected in the year 2021, and this motivated me to put up this write-up after confirming that is it now lucrative working as an Affiliate on Jumia again.

Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia Affiliates now pay up to 9% sales commission for their Affiliate Promoters. See the below table for a clue.

CategoryBasic commissionBonusBasic commission + Bonus
Men’s clothing7.00%2.00%9.00%
Men’s shoes7.00%2.00%9.00%
Men’s accessories7.00%2.00%9.00%
Women’s clothing7.00%2.00%9.00%
Women’s shoes7.00%2.00%9.00%
Women’s accessories7.00%2.00%9.00%
Books & Stationery3.00%0.75%3.75%

Just like other ways of making money online that I shared and precisely making up to N50,000 in a week, Jumia Affiliate may be a kind of your side hustle as well as a major source of income for you. Just follow up with me.

To join Jumia Affiliate all you have to do is to sign up through the Jumia Affiliate page filling in your details as requires and wait for few hours for the confirmation message in your email box.

How to Make Money on Jumia Affiliate

Jumia Affiliate Commission metric

Talking of lucrative, this may be a small amount but while testing the authenticity of the Jumia Affiliate claim based on their email sent as shown above. I tried using their Affiliate Link to purchase an item and I got 6K as my commission from one sale.

Jumia Affiliate Commission metrics

To my surprise I found more sales as I shared my Jumia Affiliate Link on social media I recorded more sale while I was sleeping, and that is the power of Affiliate Program couple with digital marketing.

In coming post on this website, I will also be sharing how to scale your sales through social media platforms and make turns of sale while doing nothing. This is the method I use to make extra 3 sale on Facebook less than 3hours

Jumia Afffiliate Commission

As I stated earlier Jumia branches are in over 10 countries, meanwhile, you can promote their product to a large number of people and earn your commission based on your preferred currency. As you may observe in the image above I got my commissions based on eCommerce NG, meaning I make the sales from my Jumia Nigeria Affiliate Link. You can make your money with Jumia Affiliate Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and many other countries as shown above.

Before I forget I will like you to get value from this post, and that why in my coming articles I will be sharing with you what Affiliate Products on Jumia earn you much more money and which ones you are to promote. Also, as I promised I will show you how to scale your sales through social media. So stay tuned and share this post to your social media platform

How to Start Jumia Affiliate Program

To start the Jumia Affiliate Program, you need to sign up to their affiliate link for free. See the link below

After singing up and confirmed you email. You need to fill up your details that includes:

  • Names
  • Phone number and
  • your website (if any) you can as well use your social platform

Your Affiliate ID will be generated for you and this Jumia Affiliate Program ID will be the one to know how well you are doing.

You will be required to provide more details such as:

  • Tax ID (Not Compulsory)
  • Street Address
  • Post Code
  • City and
  • Select your country

The last and the most important in this stage is to provide your bank details, this is where your earns will be send to, and make sure it is correct and avoid any errors.

Jumia commission Payout
  • Input your Bank Name (the name you use to open your bank account)
  • IBAN / Bank Account Number
  • BIC / SWIFT code (you can search for that on Google) your bank SWIFT code
  • And select the currency you wish to get your money

How to generate your Jumia Affiliate Link

To generate your Jumia Affiliate Link is simple after you have successfully signed up and log in to your affiliate page, just as shown below.

You will see an interface like the above, click on Advertise and drop down of two (2) item will show

Offers is a ready make banners of various Jumia Affiliate Marketing products that you can share to your website and social media platforms.

The offers can include Small Appliances, Tech Week Live, TVs and Audio Category, Health and Beauty category, Deal of the Day, Mobile Category, Men’s Fashion Catery and the likes:

See the Sample of Jumia Banner to share to your audience.

But in a situation when you have a particular product to promote then you select the Custom Link with this method there is no limitation on what to promote. See how to get your affiliate program link through Custom Link below.

As shown in the picture above, click on the custom link, then select Jumia eCommerce with will open for all the accepted affiliate program countries to promote. You can promote all these affiliate programs based on your location, but make sure you target the right country that will fetch you meaningful earnings by the end of the campaign.

Take for instance you want to drive traffic to Jumia Home Page that displays all eye-catching products or to a particular page on the Jumia website for you to make money, then follow this step.

Copy the page link from the Jumia website placed it on the tag web page URL as indicated above, and an advertising-generated link will display for you.

Copy the generated link and share based on your way of promoting your product.

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