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See How to Convert Coins to Dollar & Naira (Make Money with these 2 Sites)

In this article, I will be sharing with you how to convert coins to dollars or even to naira. However, I will lead you through how to make some coins online and then convert them to your currencies.

I make my money online legitimately as I called it a side hustle as I engage in some other channels of business. Here is some website to join to make money and there are many such ways but the problem is which one is true to believe and which ones pay more.

How to make money with online fast?

Affiliate Marketing

Many online sites either pay you in dollars or some pay in coins and you need to convert coins to dollars or to your own local currency as the case may be. But the question is how do you make money online fast?

You can make money from the following website and how fast you make money depends solely on you.

Another way to make money online fast is doing an Affiliate Program.

Converting your Earn Coins to Dollars

So the Apps that were listed above pay or reward you with coins and you will need to convert the coin to dollars. The likes of SHAREit Lite and ClipClap and a host of others reward their users with a lot of coins. Meaning you earn and convert the coin to dollars in order to be able to spend your earn rewards from your online task.

How to Get SHAREit Lite Coins and Convert Coins to Dollars

I have already made two posts on how to make up to N50,000 from the SHAREit Lite App and the second article was on the explanation of 5 ways to make money with the SHAREit App. The feedback that I received after the publishing of this article was so encouraging and that is the major reason I include these tips on how to convert coins to the dollar.

Firstly let me put you through how to earn more coins on SHAREit Lite.

Convert Coins to Dollar

With more than the above five (5) tasks in the image shown, you can participate and earn more with;

  • Crazy Chest
  • Gift Code
  • Lucky Spin
  • Friends Code
  • Chest Battle

ClipClap App

Convert Coins to Dollar

Here come another simple means to make money with ClipClaps App and get paid easily with the leading online Payment channel by just watching funny videos and playing games. Apart from watching videos and playing games to earn money, here are some other updated ways to earn more from ClipClap App.

  • Book Center
  • Spin
  • Raffle
  • BitLab

How to Convert Your Earn Coin to Dollars

All the coins earned from these mentioned can be withdrawn easily by following these steps;

  • For SHAREit Lite pp users, try to update your App and a button Redeem will be on the screen, you can use that to convert your earn coins to recharge vouchers of any network or
  • Search for some website online that buys recharge vouchers online and send the agreed amoun to your bank account.

How to convert coins to dollars on ClipClap?

Just like SHAREit Lite App to convert coins to dollars on ClipClap is as well simple, all you have to do is to either get your earnings in a recharge voucher or get paid into your PayPal account.

Just follow this step to convert coins to dollars on ClipClap

Trying upgrade to the updated version, then click on your earn coins in the left corner of the App

Your wallet balance will be shown and you can then click on cash to get paid into your PayPal account or click o the menu others to use the other channel to claim your earnings.

Those other methods to convert coins to dollars are;

  • Mobile recharge
  • Gift Card and
  • Prepaid Diamond

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