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Tricks on How to get IP Addresses (3 Easy Ways)

In this modern world, where information regarding anything is just a fingertip away from within a person’s reach, you may think it is not a big deal to get someone’s IP address. But most of the people among us live in a bubble of delusions that everything they do and every information they pass is secure, which is debatable. Here on the article is a way on How to get IP Address.

Most people think that their IP address is safe with their Internet Service Provider, and they are the only people who know their IP address. But the fact is that any person who has a little technical knowledge could easily crack the IP address of any computer. There are various methods to find out and view and even capture your IP address. See below the tricks on How to get IP Address

And the questions such as don’t require permission to capture these IP addresses if possible without consent, then what are ways to secure the IP address of a computer? What are the ways of getting an IP address without one’s permission? Let’s understand this deeper, the tricks on How to get IP Addressess.

3 Easy Ways on How to get IP Address

How to get IP Address

It’s effortless to get one’s IP address, even without any permission from the owner. The person with technical knowledge knows how, the government, the companies, all of them could uncover your IP address. 

And there are various reasons why they would want your IP address. For example, it becomes easy for the company to track you down using your IP address. When you visit a website of any company or click on any advertisements, they might capture your address.

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There are numerous methods of capturing one’s sip address (How to get IP Address).

From web server logins to court orders, a long list of methods by which a company or a person could uncover one’s ip address. Let’s look into three tricks to obtain one’s IP address.

The Major Three (3) Tricks on How to get IP Addresses

Firstly, through an email. If you want to obtain an IP address of a person, an email from them is the best chance to do the same. 

The information regarding the IP address can be obtained from the email sent by the owner. However, not all email services or programs have this functionality embedded within it. Specific email programs will have a “headers” option, which, when kept on, provides the information regarding the IP address to another person when an email is sent to the person. However, this option cannot be trusted because it can also be fake.

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Secondly, through social media. Every single person in this third world economy knows and has access to information from every nuke and corner of the world through social media. There won’t be a person in this world who wouldn’t have an account on Facebook. So that’s the accessibility of these media. 

These applications, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., will not reveal any user’s IP address. Still, the site administrator of each of these applications will have the IP address.  You can refer to this IP guide for more information on IP login details. So what happens is that if you click any advertisements or any link from these sites, they will have your IP addresses.

So be aware of what sites you are looking into because there is a chance or slightest possibility that if you enter or click into any website you are not supposed to view or enter into, it’s straightforward to track you down.

Thirdly if your home network isn’t secured, i.e., if you haven’t secured your network with a password, then it’s easily breakable. A stranger to your network could tap into your wifi and thus can know your address. 

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This happens even when you give your password to a guest, and then the guest can quickly go to the settings and find your IP address. If someone uses or borrows your computer, they can easily find the IP address by merely going to the setting and checking the address.

Why do people always prefer their IP address hidden? Is there any danger at all involved if someone else knows your IP address? As such, there are no dangers involved, but there is a possibility of such a threat. The IP address gives out your geographical location, which is one reason people usually secure their addresses. 

People hide their IP addresses to prevent themselves from being victims of web tracking, avoiding footprint, or bypassing any content filters, bans, or blacklisting.

Now there are ways to protect or secure your IP address.

1.Using A Vpn Service

These services help you to project a different ip address to the world different from yours. The advantages of using a personal VPN service are that you could use a secure ip address, which is non tractable, high-speed bandwidth, and the ability to choose your desired city.

How to get IP Address

2. Use Free Or Public Wi-fi 

So using the wifi from public places can help to hide yours. You will be using their IP address as long as you’re online.

How to get IP Address

3. Use A Proxy Server 

This method is usually not recommended, as using a proxy will slow down your internet connection. These re-route your browser around the company or school content filters.

How to get IP Address

As we have seen, the IP address of our computer is always traceable. People with technical know-how could easily track any computer’s IP address, but there are still ways to protect or secure our IP address from any dangers.

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