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How to Silently Leave a WhatsApp Group in 3 Ways

As WhatsApp updated its privacy policy, this gave new possibilities for users of WhatsApp. as you can now leave a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing and this is good news for most of us that do not like to embarrass the person that added them to a WhatsApp group may be because of the relationship between them, meanwhile you may not like to be in such WhatsApp group in the first instance.

So in the article, I will share with you the three (3) new updated WhatsApp privacy policies that you can enforce on your WhatsApp account.

How to Silently Leave a WhatsApp Group

How to hide WhatsApp Online Status

Being in a WhatsApp group is a big part of WhatsApp beauty, It gives you the endless chance to reach out to many at a go without stress. While you can mute notifications from specific groups to avoid distraction, there comes a time when you no longer want to be part of the group.

How to exit an Unwanted WhatsApp Group

As you know that leaving a group chat would notify everyone in the group that you’d left. But now, when you tap on the group info (the name of the group at the top of the screen), scroll down and tap Exit Group, you’ll see a message that only the group admins will be notified of your leaving. And this always sends hard feelings to the WhatsApp Group Admin that added or invited you to the WhatsApp group.

How to exit a WhatsApp Group on iPhone?

If you don’t want them to know, you can simply archive the chat. To do that on an iPhone, simply swipe left on the group in the list of conversations.

How to exit a WhatsApp Group on Android?

On Android, tap and hold on to the group chat in that same list and archive it.

You can unarchive a chat whenever you like: the feature doesn’t delete the chat, it simply hides it so you don’t see it or get any notifications when people post anything new.

The above is a new tactical way to silently leave a WhatsApp group

How to Hide your online status

The other privacy introduced by WhatsApp is on how to hide your online status, this is really useful being able to see when someone was “last seen” and that they’re “online”, but not too great if you want to be able to read messages without others knowing that you’re using the app.

Soon, though, you’ll be able to choose who can see whether you’re online. The feature is an update to Last Seen and is called Last Seen and online.

To hide your WhatsApp online status, go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen and online.

You’ll options like those below. You can change them whenever you like, so you could nip in and set it to Nobody, then change it back to Everyone later.

The only choices for Online status are Everyone or Same as last seen.

This means if there are particular people you want to hide your presence from, pick My contacts except… and then choose which people won’t be able to see your status, and be sure to choose Same as last seen under Who can see when I’m online.

Note that if you don’t share your last seen / online status, you won’t be able to see whether other people are online or when they were last seen.

How to Block Screenshots

Another helpful privacy feature is the ability to tag a photo or video as View Once. The recipient can only look at the media once, and then it’s gone.

This is ideal for sending confidential information such as passwords, passcodes and bank details. But there was nothing to prevent the recipient from taking a screenshot and keeping the message as long as they wanted.

A brand new feature which is still being tested is screenshot blocking. You won’t have to enable any settings to use this: just mark the image or video as View Once, and WhatsApp should prevent the recipient from taking a screenshot – and displaying a message telling them they can’t save it.

Of course, even this isn’t a guarantee of privacy: they could still use another phone or camera to take a photo of the View Once image. But it’s a welcome additional layer of privacy nonetheless.

How to Disable WhatsApp Group Unwanted Notifications

WhatsApp, you’ll get fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free, available on phones all over the world. Now the question is “how to disable WhatsApp unwanted groups notifications”

WhatsApp group

Sometimes you get fed up with useless notifications on your phone, checking it up always due to the beep that you get as a notification.

Here is a simple way to disable WhatsApp unwanted group notifications from your phone. Hold on to the WhatsApp group name on the list of chats for a while and click on the speaker that appears on the top to disable the message notification.

Step to follow.

Locate the 3 vertical dots on the right corner of the App,

then click on Mute notification for this is now left to you to choose from the options.

  • Option 1, the notification will be mute for just a few hours, stated as 8 Hours
  • Then the 2nd option is to mute the notification for a period of one week and
  • The last option is for a year

Note: All this can be changed based on your desire

What how the disabled WhatsApp groups or contact will look like…

This means if any of the members of the group you mute post or your friends make a comment, you will not be disturbed by the notification alert.

Good isn’t it? Yah

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