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An In-Depth Review Guide for Huawei Y6 and Its Specification

The Y series of Huawei is the entry-level family of the company. If you want to buy a smartphone in a budget then Huawei Y6 should be one of your top choices.

During the initial announcement of the phone, people had very less expectation in terms of upgraded performance. But it’s exactly where Huawei comes into play and surprises its users by the high performance. In fact, with features that are difficult to be found in any of the entry-level smartphones.

Huawei Y6 comes with moderate yet reasonable improvements in the predecessor. And with a bigger and more modern display that doesn’t include any bezels instead of a notch and twice as large storage.

Differences between Huawei Y6 and Huawei Y7

Huawei Y6
Huawei Y6 device colour comes in Sapphire Blue

The main difference between the Huawei Y6 and Y7 is the

  • Price range,
  • Fingerprint scanner,
  • A slightly larger display,
  • Bigger battery and
  • The secondary lens for the main camera.

Apart from this, both phones are exactly the same. Power-Packed Specs

Huawei Y6 Processor

Huawei has built Y6 with amazing specs that include:

  1. A processor of Mediatex Helio A22 and
  2. The memory of 2048 MB.

The display is slightly larger with 6.9 inches and a 1560 x 720-pixel resolution that is equipped with a capacitive multitouch screen, an IPS LCD.

Huawei Y
Y6 in Amber Brown colour

You get a 32 GB storage that is enough to store all your music, videos and pictures on your Huawei Y6 smartphone.

Experience the Art in Leather of Y6

The Huawei Y6 comes in four different colours; See their name in the images on this post. It includes Modern Black, Sapphire Blue, Midnight Black and Amber Brown.

The three colour variants of Y6 are not only are different in their colour from each other, but the material used for the back covers are also different.

Tecno Pouvoir 3 | 4 days 5000mAh battery | 32gb memory, 4G

Y6 device colours are Midnight Black, Amber Brown and Sapphire Blue

The Midnight Black and Sapphire Blue comes with a plain plastic back while the khaki-coloured features a false seam on the edge that mimics leather.

The Design of Huawei Y6

In terms of design, the choice for Huawei Y6 has rather been bold. The frame of the phone looks like metal, however, it is made of painted plastic.

It could start to give a shabby look after a while, but looks amazingly high quality when new. However, considering the price, both the material and the built quality are decent. There is a narrow bezel around the display.

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Quick Connectivity
The phone comes with the quad-core MediaTek MT6761 processor that is also accompanied by 2 GB RAM. It is considered to be a good configuration for an entry-level smartphone. Meanwhile, you can get a 32 GB storage at a possibility to expand it to 512 GB (exFat supported)

However, the Y6 comes with a fingerprint scanner and it LTE is also limited to Cat 6 (300 MB/s). It comes with a 3.5 mm jack for the traditional headsets.

An Up-to-Date Android

Even though the Type-C is missing in the lower price range. The manufacturers have understood one point that an up-to-date operating system should always be presented at low prices.

Huawei has installed the Android 9 Pie on the Y6. And has also included its very own features through the EMUI 9.0.1 customer user interface.

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You would be allowed to do without an app drawer, but it can be activated and also allows additional Huawei apps such as Designs.

Minor Defects at Receiving

In terms of the Wi-Fi speed, the Huawei smartphone has been the fastest among all the comparison devices for receiving data, however, it has been the slowest at sending data.

Phantom 9 now available in the market (See its Price & Spec.)

The Huawei Y6 is also no different, and this weakness can be seen in this model too. The Y6 has low reception indoors, even if you are sitting somewhere indoors then it would take you some time to get connected to a good internet connection.

Outdoors connection can also not be established easily even for the top-of-the-line model phones, but for Huawei Y6 it is good enough and stable.

Huawei Y6

Good Call Quality and Sound Quality

The loudness and the clarity are both good, even if you are at a party and answering the calls then you wouldn’t have any issue all thanks to the good microphone on the Y6.

The quiet noises are transmitted due to the ambient noise attenuation while it only lacks the quality at a maximum volume where you can hear a slight rattling sound from time to time.

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The speaker makes it very much possible to talk hand-free in a quiet environment without issues, but it does sound a bit hollow and tinny.

Price of Huawei Y6

You can check out the best prices on for Huawei Y Series while you can also browse through the various smartphone categories to find the perfect phone for you.

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