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10 Best Infinix smartphone with cheap price (2019) See it no 5

The top smartphones to go for from the stable of Infinixmobility was carefully selected in this Top 10 Best Infinix smartphone with the cheap price to go for right now.

In just a few weeks ago I wrote comprehensively on Tecno mobile, where I discussed the Best Cheap Tecno Smartphone for the year 2019. This was necessary for me as many smartphones are seriously manufactured if not in monthly basis.

But here are the best guide for you on the best and budgeted smartphones to go for without any regret of doing so.

10 Best Infinix smartphone

Let me make it clear here that this list of top 10 Best Infinix smartphones was not in ascending order nor it comes in descending manner. But I listed them just in my own way without any references.

The Infinix S4

Infinix S4 was one of the best smartphones with a low price tag, not because of its battery capacity but from its camera.

It was one of the smartphones with triple rear cameras of 13MP+8MP+2MP. It also powered 3D cameras and mouth-watering 32MPix Al front selfie camera. One of the best from its category of the price range.

Top 10 Best Infinix smartphone
S4 was equipped with ROM 32GB/64GB, RAM3GB/6GB & External Memory UP TO 128GB

S4 compete with flagship smartphones and won them all with its low pocket packages. Huawei was also one smartphone that you don’t need to break the bank before you can buy. See the Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 Spec here and its price

The Infinix S4 powered 2.5D dual-glass body also powered 6.2 HD+ screen display for gaming, video, surfing of internet and what have you. And battery capacity of 4000mAh.


I embedded some great video review for some phones in this write-up. The review clips were by an expert in the game. I hope you watch them all for more clarifications. Enjoy it all

Watch the full review and unboxing of Infinix S4

S4 Price was in the range of N45,900 and can be found on Jumia Mobile section of their website as well as many offline stores in Nigeria.

Infinix has done a great job on the mid-ranged and yet classic smartphone. Take for instance the Infinix Hot series, which I will be discussing just the latest ones here as list of the top 10 Best Infinix smartphones continues

The Hot 7, Hot 7 Pro & Hot 6x joined the list of Top 10 Best Infinix Smartphones with the cheaper price tag

The Infinix Hot 6X, also comes in ordinary and the Pro version. Why I love this 6x was based on it specifications which include:

Top 10 Best Infinix Smartphones (Infinix Hot 6x)
  • 4000mAh battery
  • 13+2MP rear cameras and
  • its low price tag

See Infinix Hot 6X features in the table below.

Hot 7

In the era of buying what your money can cater for Hot 7 comes to mind. The phone comes with Dual 13MP rear camera, meaning it powered more specification than Hot 6x with the dual rear camera of 13+2MPixel.

Watch the full Unboxing of the Infinix Hot 7 courtesy of Super Mobile Fans Youtube

It also comes with features like:

  • 4000mAh that last you for a whole day
  • Front-flash selfie camera of 8MP
  • Latest enhanced face unlock and fingerprint sensor and
  • Budgeted price tag.

See the table below for other specifications of Hot 7

The Hot 7 Pro

The Hot 7 Pro capped the series of the Hot for this year 2019, the smartphone-powered more sophisticated features.

This included the 6.2″ HD display, the Android 8.1 Oreo. And its processor that comes with Quad-core MediaTek MT6580P CPU with 3GB RAM.

Hot 7 Pro (Top 10 Best Infinix smartphone)

The trio of Hot 6x, Hot 7 and the Hot 7 pro, peg their battery life to 4000mAh.

The Pro

However, with this, we can come to the conclusion that these latest Hot series solve the problem of bad batteries in the smartphone. Meanwhile, you can also read the full description of Tecno mobile 5000mAh battery capacity Smartphone here plus it price.

Other eye catching features to look out for in the Hot 7 Pro includes:

  • 32GB built-in storage, and
  • Up to 128GB with a memory card expandable slot
  • Dual 13MP + 2MP rear camera and
  • An 8MP front camera, so also
  • Fingerprint Scanner (Rear)

A full and comprehensive comparison of the Hot series of Hot 7, Infinix Hot 6X & the Hot 7 Pro

Infinix Hot 7Infinix 6XInfinix Hot 7 Pro
Display: 6.2″ HD Display: 6.2″ HD+ Display: 6.2″ HD
Face unlock and fingerprint sensor AI low-light front selfie camera Network: 4G/3G/2G
Android™ 8.1(Go edition) Face unlock & fingerprint FRONT (8MP) / REAR(13MP+2MP)
Network: 3G/2G Network: 4G/3G/2GMemory: 32GB
ROM & 3GB RAM External Memory up to 128GB
FRONT(8MP) DUAL REAR (13MP) Camera Pixel Front (8MP) Rear(13MP+2MP) Android™ 8.1(Go edition)
Memory: 32GB/16GB ROM, RAM 2GB/1GB
External Memory up to 128GB
Memory: 16GM/32GB ROM & 2GB/3GB RAM.
External Memory up to 128GB
Face unlock and fingerprint sensor

The information on the post is not from a primary source, therefore the accuracy of the review is not guaranteed.

Price for the Hot series: Hot 6x, Hot 7 Pro & Hot 7 are in the range of N25,000 to N32,000

The Infinix Note 5 and Infinix Note 6 (The Genius) Among The Top 10 Best Infinix Smartphone

The Infinix Note 5 launched the era of Stylus Pen from the Infinixmobility if I am not mistaken.

This is applause to Infinix, coupled with their low price smartphone in the country, your money can buy any of their products without a sweat.

Infinix Note 5 (Stylus Pen)

You get a full new experience with Infinix partnering with Google’s Android One, on the Infinix Note 5.

And also on the new upgrade of 4 in 1, the Infinix note 5 stylus provides a whopping front camera of 16MP with an f/2.0 aperture.

Infinix Note 5

The outstanding design of Infinix Note 5, also calls for attention. Below are some of the

Key features of the Infinix Note 5 Stylus

Network: 4G/3G/2G Camera Front 16MPixelRear camera 16MPixel
ROM: 32GB, RAM: 4GBExternal Memory up to 128GB Display: 6.0″ Full HD Operation System Android One
Finger Print sensorOTG supportBattery capacity 4000mAh
Stylus XPen Sim Card Slot Nano SIM+Nano SIM Or Micro SD Card Charge Output 3A

The price of Infinix Note 5 Stylus is N44,000

The Genius Infinix Note 6

Infinix Note 6 comes as a flagship smartphone with both an enhanced (AI + AR X-pen). Do more with the stylus X-pen on the Infinix Note 6.

Part of unique features of the Infinix Note 6 the Genius are

  • AMOLED screen,
  • Triple AI rear cameras and
  • All metal study fuselage style to get your hustle going and showcasing your business Style.

Infinix Note 6

Continue the reading of full Specification of Infinix Note 6 from the #link below.

The Genius as it was funnily called also powered 4GB RAM, 6.2″ FHD display, 4000mAh battery among others. Read it all here now plus it price images and a video review.

Hope you are thinking those aforementioned smartphones will be too much expensive, well your assumption may be wrong. But notwithstanding let me share with you other top 10 Best Infinix Smartphone with lower price as well.

The Infinix Smart 2 HD and the Infinix Smart 2 Pro

These two smartphones come with a low price and face unlock technology. They are all smartphones to reckon with, and this makes the dual one of the top 10 best Infinix Smartphones with low budget.

See Smart 2 HD current price and full review plus it features here now

Below are some of the specification of Smart 2

Display: 6.0″ HD3500mAh batteryNetwork 3G/2G
RAM 16GB, RAM 1GB External Memory up to 128GB Face unlock and fingerprintPixel Front (8M)/Rear(8M)

Read more on Smart 2 smartphone with Operation System Android™ 8.1 here now

Infinix Smart 3 Plus

Smart 3 Plus catches someone eye with low price and overendowed features such as the dual rear camera and the front selfie camera.

The smart 3 Plus was equipped with a 3500mAh battery that lasts for up to a day for the heavy phone users.

The security of the phone is secure with both the face unlock and the fingerprint sensor among other features.

Key Features of Infinix Smart 3 Plus been One of the Top 10 Best Infinix Smartphones in Nigeria

2+32GB Memory6.2″ HD DisplayDual Nano SIM Slot & Memory Card Slot
Expandable Up to 256 GB SD card slot13MP + 2MP + Low Light SensorMediaTek A22 Quad Core 2.0GHz Processor
Colour: Sapphire Cyan 8MP Front Camera Android v 9.0 (Pie)
AI Triple Camera Network: 4G VOLTE, 4G, 3G, 2G Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Infinix Smart 3 Plus fall within the price range of N30,000 in Nigeria market.

The Best Infinix Smartphone can be found in the Infinix Zero 6 & Zero 6 Pro

Let me round it up with the dual of best classical smartphones for those who know and want the smart best phones from Infinix.

Right from day one of the Infinix Zero series, their making was out-rightly unique to other series and even other brands like Tecno, Gionee, Innjoo and the likes.

Zero series were specially made with great design, display and protection.

Infinix Zero 6 and Zero 6 Pro

These dual smartphones come with 12MPixel AI dual rear camera, a bigger battery of 3650mAh capacity and 6.2 Full HD display.

In-term of its storage, you are safe with the 6GB RAM and the spacious ROM of up to 128GB internal storage. Meanwhile, this and many other features make Infinix Zero 6 and Zero 6 Pro among the top 10 Best Infinix Smartphone.

A word can’t explain Infinix Zero 6 & Zero 6 Pro all, but with this two short clip below. You get the full picture and be overwhelm with what I mean.

Infinix Zero 6 & Zero 6 Pro Top my 10 Best Infinix Smartphones in Nigeria market

Both the Zero 6 and the Zero 6 Pro got many differences in their prices and little details were missing on the Zero 6, while the Zero 6 Pro has it all.

Enjoy the low light 20MP selfie camera Infinix Zero 6 series as it also powered dual rear Al camera with 12MP 2PD each.

Other features of Zero 6 and Zero 6 Pro

Gorilla Glass 5Network 4G / 3G / 2G Operation System Android™ 8.1
The 6.2-inch display and full HDFace Unlock & Fingerprint sensorSim Card Slot DUAL NANO SIM/NANO+MicroSD
6GB RAMThe smartphones supported Xcharge for fast charge Processor: GPU Qualcomm Adreno 509 GPU

Frequency Qualcomm SDM636

4x Kryo [email protected]

+4x Kryo [email protected]
64GB Internal memory & (128GB Zero 6 Pro) Expandable External Memory up to 128GB

Infinix Zero 6 and Infinix Zero 6 Pro Watch their full differences

Just watch this short clip
Infinix Zero 6 Pro full review

Their Price ranged within N88,000 to N140,000 in the Nigeria market. You can as well check out and confirm the current prices for all these smartphones and more from this #link right now.

I believed I have done justice to the Top 10 Best Infinix Smartphones for the year 2019 in the Nigeria market.

My Questions

What is your favorite the Top 10 Best Infinix Smartphone?

Also Let me know your best take Infinix phone(s) from the list above

Leave your answers in the comment section below, as I will be responding to you comment right away

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