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MTN Lumos Price now N4,966 | See how to Use MTN Solar for Free

MTN Lumos Solar comes as better alternative if compared to buying of petrol in fueling generator and sincerely you get a peace of mind in term of maintaining generator every time. Here is the MTN Lumos Price in Nigeria

The MTN Lumos Solar has reached more places than ever, bringing more families the benefits of modern solar electricity at low cost. Currently, the Lumos Solar is now available in every state of the Federation including the FCT Abuja.

Recently, I had to sold by small generator and went on buying the 80W panel MTN Solar Electricity, this was because of inconveniences I faced which was not limited to:

  • Having to operate my generator everyday
  • Servicing the Gen monthly
  • Fueling the Generator every day with an amount not less than N500
  • Limited usage time (You spend much to enjoy longer usage of the generator)
  • Noise generated from Generator
  • Having to secure the generator from being stolen at outside

All these and much more makes the generate like a hell, comparing it to any solar electricity.

MTN Lumos Price in Nigeria

In the true talk of the matter, the best of all is to get public electricity, but in the absent or epileptic supply of electricity then comes all this alternative. Meanwhile, I will share with you how to use the MTN Lumos Solar for free. Meaning, you will not need to pay the daily, weekly nor the monthly recurrent fee.

MTN lumos Price

Enjoy solar electricity for as low as N125 – N166 per day with no extra cost for its maintenance.

How much is the cost of MTN Lumos Solar Electricity

The table below shows the full subscription rate or simple put the MTN Lumos Price in Nigeria

MTN Lumos Price

Choose a plan that suit you and the longer the plan, the less you pay. Any technical faults are repaired for free for 5 years. After 1800 paid days, the system automatically unlocks giving you full ownership, and free solar electricity. Read more on the price MTN Solar Electricity Price here and also see all the Appliance the MTN Lumos can power

How to use MTN Lumos Solar Electricity for Free

This is not a cheat, but a legit and easy way to use your MTN Lumos Electricity for free. Simply Refer a friend or family member to join the Lumos Mobile Electricity Service and enjoy 7days of electricity for free. Imagine, you invited as many F&F as possible, then you enjoy multiple 7days of free electricity.

Must Watch Video by Taaooma on MTN Solar Yello Box

What you need to do and Enjoy your Solar for free

Identify a friend or a family member
who’s interested
Text his/her phone number to 08133134773

MTN Lumos Price and its Terms & Condition. To claim your free solar bonuses, you need to carefully follow the T&C here


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