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See the 5 Tips to Save Time and Edit Videos Faster

Steven Wright said, “The speed of time is one second per second.” There’s no doubt that time is more valuable than any other factor in life. Hence, we all want to find tricks to save time while doing any task. The same holds good for content creators who wish to edit videos instantly. 

Creating videos and editing them to produce effective and engaging videos for your audience is no easy task. Especially the ‘editing’ part of the video production process takes days and sometimes weeks to get one video out there. But for you to consistently engage with your audience, you need to give them more content, and time is of the essence!

To create multiple videos to engage your audience and keep them coming to your brand for more, you need to be able to make the best use of your time. 

Here are five tips to help you save time while editing your videos faster.

1. Make Your Plan Your Best Friend

Having an intention is the key to creating great content as a creator. To create valuable content for your audience, you need to plan your message much in advance, the best way to get it over, and what you must do to maximize your returns on time spent for each piece of content.

You need to have a content calendar in place that will guide you with your content creation at least a month in advance. Note down any resources you may require to produce the content, and that is your first step in creating faster content.

With your thoughts and plans appropriately organized, you will find it super easy to go through your workflow at full speed. Keep a goal for the video you’re going to create. It helps many people to go through it frame by frame or sometimes create a video pitch, so you know what you want your video to look like by the end.

Edit videos with invideo

2. Don’t Fear Those Robots

By robots, I don’t mean the ones you see in Sci-fi movies. Technology enables automation, and this very automation is what provides wonderful features to make our lives easier. So don’t skip steps where you need the tech help.

Therefore, automating time-consuming tasks is the right way forward for you. Tasks, such as adding or editing subtitles, cutting bits and pieces that are not needed, and exporting your video in multiple formats – are all tedious.

An online video editor is just the right tool you need to automate all the above tasks. Even for automatic color correction, using the right tool will help save a lot of your time.

3. Be the Boss of Your Time

In the same vein, taking charge of your own time and process is key to your content production process.

You know your schedule the best, so take out time on those days when you have access to the resources you need. The days with more freedom and less distraction, you want to optimize for shooting the videos. Being freer during the well-lit time of the day means having better lighting in your videos. This will save you those numerous hours spent on light-fixing and color editing the videos.

Point to keep in mind: Split your days into “Creative” and “Admin” ones

Some days are meant for shooting, and the others are meant for editing them. This will help keep your mind focussed on one activity at a time and quicken the entire process.

4. Have Your Brand Guidelines in Place

As a creator, you must never forget that your brand is present throughout your content all the time. And hence, you have to ensure a consistent experience for your audience.

Whether it is positioning your logo in the same corner of every video, using your brand colors in all the subtitles, or adding appealing taglines to your content to differentiate your content from all those other creators out there.

Your brand recognition only increases when you add your brand and colors to your video. And, according to Forbes, 64% of consumers decide to buy from you after watching your company’s video!

If you automate these features, you can just add them in seconds, and it becomes a natural tendency to do so every single time. This makes a huge difference in how your audience receives and reacts to your content.

5. Get Your Expertise With SEO

The next important step after production, where you need to add attractive captions and descriptions to your video content, is another laborious task for creators.

A video editor will come to your rescue here – to save your time scheduling videos or getting them ready to share with your audience. Thanks to the transcribed TXT files from the tool, your audience will instantly know what your video is all about.

And when it comes to making your content SEO-friendly, the tool will automatically optimize your content with all the apt keywords—saving you a whole lot of time and getting you the perfect description of your video.

What’s even more convenient is that SEO copy will be engaging your audience while you stay put on your topic of interest. And isn’t it so much easier to write creative content when you have a draft ready right before you?


Using an online video editor speeds up the entire video production process – both pre-and post-production. The time and energy you save by using a tool can be used in the creative aspect of the video, making it an excellent experience for your viewers. 

Be more organized, focused on your target, and with a few automation tricks up your sleeve, your video production will be a smooth sail every single time. 

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