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Payment proofs of how smart guys makes money online legit

How to makes money online is one of the highest search keyword on Google, this is not a problem at all, as everyone wants a surest way to better life. And making money online is a smart decision by the 21st generation youth.

Many things have been said on making money online but the truth of the matter is that, not every tips you get online are mostly worth it. But ask yourself what are people saying on this info I got.


Yes, experience is the best teacher, below is the review I made on one of the ways to make real and legitimate money online. Please read carefully and see all the proof in the link I embedded in the last paragraph of this post.

Simple Way to earn legitimately on Social media platform

Make legit Money Online Zinoly is the new innovative method of earn legitimately through sharing and referral bonus of thousands of naira daily.


Is a news platform for publication that selflessly shares her revenue with active users, validated and eligible members.

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It is a replicate of BBC in Britons, so is Zinoly to Nigerians. The main significant difference is that Zinoly shares her revenue with Nigerians and Nigerians alone as at the time of sharing this to you.

How it works

Sign up as a member, Zinoly shares her revenue generated with only validated and eligible members. All successful register validated and eligible members are to start to earn on a daily basis as this depends on how you prefer to get your incomes.

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To become a member and earn with Zinoly, you must purchase Zinoly Membership Fee which cost N1,500 and partakes in Zinoly activities and also an affiliate. This is one time payment that leads you to earns and smiles to your banks as frequent as you may wish.

Making Money Legitimately Online

What makes me registered was the way and manner I heard of Zinoly, I was introduced to the platform by a lady (no be say I like ladies like that) but I was convinced with how she makes cool money from an overlooked platform Iike Zinoly.

All that is expected to Make Legit Money Online Zinoly

  • Share Sponsored Post To Earn Commission
  • From your dashboard menu, click on “Sponsored Post then click on the link with post date that would appear to read the instruction on how to share sponsored post
  • Refer People To Earn Commission
  • Once you have registered and get approved, a unique referral link will automatically be generated as your own. From your dashboard menu, click on ” Refer. From there you will see your referral link, copy it out and start using it to refer your friends and family.

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The above was parts of the ways to make money on this platform. Then which one is better?

I suggested you combined both methods in other to earn as much as possible on a daily basis. Refer your f&f and also share sponsored post to all your social media platforms.

Referral / Commission Earned More than 10k

You get N1,000 on every referred person to Zinoly, and no limit to how much you can make daily.

Imagine you have 1000+ friends on Facebook, hundreds of friends follower on Instagram, Twitter and all your contact WhatsApp contacts. then let me ask you: How many thousand of naira do you think you can make from their registration. Act now

Share the Sponsored Post and get up to 15k monthly

Share Zinoly Sponsored post to your Facebook to earn up to N150 on day-to-day. Social media has now totally turned to revenue platform as things have now revolved from it primitive ways tradition.

  • Get N50 for login to Zinoly each day
  • And another N100 for sharing just a post to Facebook
  • N1,000 for new referral you made.
  • Also N2 to N10 for reading comments, news and many other things
  • All in all, you get paid for what you love doing at all time

I believed you can now sense why you should combine both the referral and sharing post to earn big always.

When to get paid

  • Payout starting from 21st of every month
  • Minimum payout N2,000 (for referred f&f)
  • The Commulative payout for share & referral earing is N5000
Makes Money Online
Proof of Payout request

From the picture above, the money made was just for few days activities of sharing sponsored post to Facebook alone, Imagine referral bonus of N1K per person, meaning you get more than N40k in a month. This amount can be planned to cater for your basic needs, like changing your wardrobe, covering your data bundle subscriptions, and much more as you might have wished.

What are you still waiting for? register now and tell you friends the secret of making money online. Start to smile to the banks together.

  • NOTE If you refer a new member, Zinoly pay you N1,000 each on every referral and the minimum payout is N2,000.
  • And that means you can request to withdraw your referral commissions any time of the month.
  • No maximum limit to what you can withdraw in a month as your payout.

Hurry up and Register now at www.zinoly.com

Click here to Login/ Register

makes money online

See the Proof and Payout records for this week (before you join)

makes money online
makes money online

Hurry up and Register now at www.zinoly.com

Click here to Login/ Register

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