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Make Money On Owodaily (See How I Made 4,800)

To be sincere with ourselves, there is no magic way to make money online legitimately, without you rendering one service or task, which is normally called Affiliate marketing or referer program. But in this article, I will explain how I make Money On Owodaily with freelancing.

Making money on Owodaily through freelancing entails you completing some tasks, and getting paid to your preferred payment gateway, either to your direct bank account, PayPal or Crypto wallet account.

How to Make Money on Owodaily

Owodaily is a freelancing website that gives its users the ability to make money through social media and online tasks such as you sharing posts, liking and engaging with social media content.

Tasks to perform and to make money on Owodaily are;

  • Business owners
  • Vendor
  • Affiliates Marketers and lastly
  • Freelancer

You can see details on the task from this page, on the secret behind Owodaily and how to start.

You can make money on Owodaily from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet-enabled phone and internet data (You can read on how to get free data for your phone here).

What are the Popular Tasks to Make Money on Owodaily

The most common task and job on Owodaily as I stated earlier is social media platform engagement. Many Facebook account owners wish to get noticed on the internet so they need you to share their articles or post with your friends and you get paid.

So many YouTubers are new and need engagement. Meanwhile, to make money on YouTube by showing some videos on your channel as a revenue source, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4000 video views, so some people are ready to pay you so that you help to subscribe and like their YouTube channel.

The same goes for Instagram and Twitter accounts so you make money on Owodaily as their platform is a gateway to those who are looking for people that wish to make money and engage with their businesses.

How to Register and Make Money on Owodaily

To register, you can log in to Owodaily through your phone, tablet and or with your laptop. What is required to register is;

  • Your name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Your bank details
  • Check your email to verify your registration (immediately) You can verify the sent email in your Inbox, Spam folder, Promotion, or Priority.
  • After your email account verification then you are done with free registration

You can start the free registration from the link below (with the invitation from SERIKI Mustapha).

Some tasks earn you as much as N2000 to N5,000 per task, while some tasks can be as low as N10 to N100 depending on their task description. However, you can not negotiate or start to bargain on the task, Owodaily platform as a mediator has normalised every activity on the site, as you will earn as much as you are due to get accordingly.

Make money on Owodaily

So by completing digital jobs such as social engagement, and CPA offers then you get paid into the account that you input during the registration above. The payment is done weekly every Friday, so there should be no week for you without having more than enough for your weekends.

How to Add your Bank Account Details to Owodaily

You can add your bank account details to Owodaily by inputting your Bank Name, and Account number while doing the registration make sure your bank name is correctly spelt to avoid delay in your weekly payment.

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Payments are done weekly on Fridays.

Here above are some of my recent earnings from my Owodaily dashboard. As I just requested to get paid from my claimed money.

I make money on Owodaily through freelancing, as I do complete some simple tasks to earn money online, while I still place tasks for people to perform while I pay them to boost my content on social media and lastly I engage on the Owodaily affiliate program.

As a member, you can let people help you build more followers on your social platforms or business as well, as the opportunity on Owodaily is unlimited, as the Economy and Technology have brought it to us and even make money doing simple tasks.


I believe you are excited already about this information and opportunity and before you jump to register on Owodaily, let me ask you to help your friends by using the share button below to SHARE this article on your social media and let people benefit from this piece of article.

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