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How to Make Money on Instagram (2 Best Ways with Video Demo & Prove)

Simple ways to make money on Instagram, in this great post I will be sharing with you the two strategies to promote products and services on Instagram. And simply put ways on how to make money on Instagram.

This strategy works perfectly for both new (beginners) and already familiar users of Instagram. According to my source, the strategy is called direct and indirect.

With the aid of the video attached below, you get step by steps on how to start making money on Instagram, stay tuned, and follow up with me.

make money on Instagram

Direct Strategy of Making Money on Instagram

In this case, I will firstly explain the direct strategy, and you will know how and why people preferred the direct method on promoting their sales and with the channel, then make money on Instagram.

In a little bit, What are direct methods

Simply you have affiliate products to promote (marketing), or services you which to promote for someone else, and you will earn a commission whenever you get a sale.

Take for instance you are promoting ShareAsale products, meanwhile Share and Sales is one of the leading Affiliate Market Platform that when you promote their products you earn up to $100 per sale and get pay directly in to your bank account.

These types of products can be promoted on your Instagram pages and while you make money on Instagram. If you and interested in this and more, then check on my previous post, how to make money online

Share And Sale network connects online retailers to over 211,000+ affiliate partners around the world, increasing consumer reach and providing another source of revenue.

ShareASale Affiliate

Okay, back to our discussion; I will be talking about affiliate marketing a lot this day on the website. And one of the best traffic sources is simply using Instagram as an example, even your bio link, you can add your promotional affiliate link there.

In the Bio Link on Instagram, If you open it, you would see where to edit your information, you can add your affiliate like there for promotion and before you know it you state to make money on Instagram with whatever affiliate product you want.

Or somebody can add links in user stories if you have more than 10,000 followers as an example in the video below, you will see full video illustration of all this methods.

And if people opens any of your story with a promotional links, it will take them to your Affiliate Page or to your blog, so I can get the traffic also to my links from stories.

So you have two methods, stories, and your bio link may lead to promote affiliate offers.

Now a small advice if you want To promote affiliate products, it’s better to create a page that talks about a specific niche.

As an example, if you want to promote digital marketing products, create a page about business and marketing, and then promote digital products if you want to promote maybe something related to fitness and the you have to create a page about fitness and health, and then we can promote fitness and health products and so on.

How to Indirectly Start to Make Money on Instagram

So number one is affiliate marketing, and getting traffic from Instagram to your affiliate links. Number two is simply promoting your products, it may be additional product, or maybe a physical product if you have an e-commerce business.

As an example, in my case, I want to show you a small trick here in the video below. If you open my store in this review stories, you will see that I am adding some ratings and reviews to my courses. But this in this way, I am promoting my courses indirectly.

Ways to Make Money on Instagram

But whenever someone see my reviews and see those reviews from other people, they will be interested to get my courses. So in this way I promote my courses and as the same time make money on Instagram.

So simply also you can promote any product you want. Any service you want. If it’s for you, if you are selling with Instagram, maybe you can sell flowers, sell food, whatever you are doing, sell your DIY stuff, anything you can promote with Instagram.

Number three on how to promote your product indirectly and make money on Instagram is simply shoutouts and sponsorships. So how fast simply you can publish your posts for other pages. And you will get paid for this post as an example, like $40 $60 per post is really very important.

And a lot of people just work like this. Using shout outs, they show up every day like for two or three pages. And they make like 150 orders per day, what you need is an active Instagram account. So these are the main free logic methods, shout outs and sponsorships affiliate marketing and promoting your products.

However, and so it was the direct method, which I use and simply have my brand awareness and promoting my business and the growing online.

So in my case, if you see on my Instagram account as I scaled it, I publish motivational quotes, I publish educational posts like the one in the video below, tips for freelancers, so I don’t publish anything to promote directly my products or courses or services or whatever.

Just like H-Educate that simply grow his Instagram using those methods, He give value to his account. So people will follow him and see what he his posting. And then they will know about his products and start to make money on Instagram.

As an example, if you open the story and a post viewed by over 1200 people. And we have a link there where it was taped to your blog. So you are promoting your Affiliate and also your website through ypor own Instagram account.

So these are mainly the methods to make money on Instagram and build a business out of Instagram.

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To sum it up on how to promote and make money on Instagram, the direct methods, affiliate marketing, shout outs and promoting products, your products and indirect methods like growing your business. And the likes.

If you have any questions, you can comment them below & Please Share if you gain anything from this Article

Watch this important short clip on how to scale and Make Money on Instagram with 2 Easy Strategies

Please Share if you gain anything from this Article

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