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Top 6 Trivia Apps to Play with friends in 2020 [For iOS]

The sudden shutdown of HQ Trivia has put the world in a frenzy of chaos. The good news here is that there still are plenty of great alternatives available in the App Store that can help us enjoy our (eternally) free time like WordUnscramblerz. A quick stroll through the Gaming Apps to Play with friends on iOS App Store may not reveal the presence of these monstrously amazing games as would a thorough analysis – and we know that you hardly have any time for that. Here for you are Top 6 Trivia Apps to Play with friends

What we have found in the iOS App Store would appeal to the hearts of all those who find themselves attached to culture, history, sports, movies, and much more. Regardless of whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, if you do a little happy dance at every right answer, these apps are made for you!

Top 6 Trivia Apps to Play with friends in 2020

1. Jeopardy! World tour

On my first lists of Top 6 Trivia Apps to Play with friends is Jeopardy! A world tour is a game of knowledge and joy. It allows players to enhance their wit and challenge that of others. The game lets players select the level of difficulty and earn power-ups to help them through the game.

Apps to Play with friends Jeopardy! World tour

With multiple choice questions, this game allows players to play solo or against an opponent. The game has a variety of categories with alternating difficulty levels. Players also have the option to utilize the various power-ups to get their way through the rounds.

2. Trivia crack 2

Trivia Crack 2 is a sequel to Trivia Crack and has both, daily challenges and something called the tower challenger where you play with an opponent. The game allows the player to play against known friends or other online players.

Trivia crack 2

The game has ads, but they can be removed through an in-app purchase. This game is fun for those who love testing their skill and need a variety of options to select from. This game is fun, both when you play solo and with others.

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3. Trivia crack kingdoms

Trivia Crack Kingdoms is a game of wit allowing players to play a variety of games. Players can log into the game either through Facebook or your email ID. The game involves a multiplayer mode and allows players to team up with friends and online players.

Trivia crack kingdoms

This game does really work like a kingdom: you can select a specific category of questions and then play against your friends from Facebook or other online players. Players are allowed to play multiple games while waiting for other players to take their turn.

4. Quiz up

The fourth on the Top Trivia Apps to Play with friends is a game, like an eternal rapid-fire round. The game matches you with other online players playing the same category across the world. Scores are allotted depending upon your speed and efficiency. 

This game allows players to play with friends or unknown opponents and also provides them with the option of communicating with other players.

The game does have ads, but they can easily be removed through an in-app purchase. 

5.  Trivia 360

This game provides a variety of category options to ensure that players do not get bored with the game. The questions are of a variety of formats, including multiple choice, true or false, and identification. The game allows players to view scoreboards and also will enable them to rate categories and questions.

Trivia 360

The ads in this game can be removed through purchases through the app. The game allows users to indulge in single-player and multiplayer modes.

6. Fleetwit

The sixth on my Top Trivia Gaming Apps to Play with friends is a racing game between the genius minds of the brains. The game involves solving puzzles and answering questions quickly. Not only this, but FleetWit is also the only trivia and puzzle destination where you can win $ or prizes every day. 

Fleetwit Apps to play with friends

This Gaming Apps to Play with friends helps in the development of the brain and makes one’s mind work faster. The gaming Apps to Play with friends has a variety of categories to select from and allows players to participate in higher levels, with each win earning points in cash or gift certificates.

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