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The simple way to share MTN data bundle to your loved ones

A lot of time you see people asking you how do I share MTN Data bundle to their friends or to other MTN SIM cards. The solution is here for you with simple steps.

Updates: Airtel 6gb + Free 4G LTE 4gb data (Activation code)

This is called Data gifting by MTN and it is a service that allows you to gift data bundles to your friends, family relatives and loved ones.

How to share MTN data bundle

You can also use the Data gifting package to send data bundle to your other Smartphones, modems and tablets. With this service, you will pay for the Data bundle on their behalf.

9mobile Social Me Plan: Plus get 1gb free data & 350% bonus

share MTN data bundle

dialling *131*7#

Glo Data Plans 1.6GB for just N200 only | Its Activation code

You can gift data by dialling *131*7# on your phone and selecting your preferred Data Bundle here.

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What you should is that

  1. You can only gift your loved one’s data bundle by accessing the service yourself
  2. also, you can gift your beneficiary any data plan multiple times as long as you have sufficient credit in your line
  3. You will be able to check your data bundle balance via the following channels:  
    • SMS: Texting 2 to 131
    • USSD: Dialling *131*4#
  4. Enjoy device bonus on the data plan you are gifted if you are eligible for the offer.

MTN 4G Data Bonus: How to activate MTN N500 for 4gb data

Have it in mind that you will not be able to share the data bundle. And that you only have to select a data bundle and enter your beneficiary’s phone number to use the service.



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