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How to Recharge airtime without paying Banks USSD charges of N6.98kobo

Recharge airtime through USSD channels was one of the easiest ways to top-up your lines and most convenient to many. But at the moment it is one of the expensive channels nowadays.

It is no longer news that commercial banks and mobile network providers have started charging customers a flat rate of N6.98 per transaction every time they use the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) service for recharge airtime.

And to this effect, many people find it difficult to recharge airtime using the USSD as they are spending more than what they tend to benefit from.

Recharge Airtime & other Services with Bank Charge of N6.98Kobo

It will interest you to know that there are numerous ways/channels to even recharge and get a bonus from them for using their service than to be spending more than what you deserved using the USSD that attract extra charges.

USSD Recharge Airtime charges

“Effective March 16, 2021, USSD services for financial transactions conducted at DMBs (Deposit Money Banks) and all CBN-licensed institutions will be charged at a flat fee of N6.98 per transaction. This replaces the current per session billing structure, ensuring a much cheaper average cost for customers to enhance financial inclusion. This approach is transparent and will ensure the amount remains the same, regardless of the number of sessions per transaction.

 “To promote transparency in its administration, the new USSD charges will be collected on behalf of MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) directly from customers’ bank accounts. Banks shall not impose additional charges on customers for us of the USSD channel.”

This was based on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) have announced the introduction of new charges for customers using the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) services.

The 2 regulatory agencies said that customers will pay a flat fee of N6.98 per transaction every time they use USSD services with effect from Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

Nigeria Banks USSD Recharge Airtime

Secrete Behind the Recharge Airtime extra USSD Charges

According to the information on Peoples Gazettes, the charges were part of the agreement reached when banks and telecommunication operators discussed the N42 billion debt with the apex bank and the NCC after network providers threatened to withdraw the service from banks as the accumulated debt remained unpaid.

In the statement, both the CBN and NCC assured that it would collect the new USSD charge on behalf of network providers directly from customers’ bank accounts and would not impose any extra charges on customers to use the USSD service. Both bodies noted the new payment arrangement would be cheaper for customers to enhance financial inclusion.

It is literary means that customers and user of the USSD will be paying for other companies debts

USSD Recharge Airtime Charges

Channels for Recharge Airtime without Hidden Charges

  • Bank Apps
  • Opay
  • Jumia Pay and other
  • Digital Markets

Opay is a well known mini commercial platform for performing transactions such as payment for bills, cable subscriptions, Airtime and Data buying at a much discount price.

The Opay now introduce Refer and Earn up to N900,000 by just installing the Opay App for your Friends and Family.

The good news is that there is no limit to what you can earn from Opay, so far you abide by their terms and conditions.

Jumia Pay is a platform that rewards anyone who refers his friends and family to Jumia Pay gets up to N1000 on each referred perform.

The App serves a commercial platform for performing transactions such as payment for bills, cable subscriptions, Airtime and Data buying at a much discount price just like Opay.

Jumia App is an official payment platform for Jumia mobile, the Number One Leading online store in whole of Africa.

Other benefits of Jumia One

Get Tickets For Live Events with up to N1000 free as cashback. here is the details below.

Jumia One

You get 3% of your money back every time you buy an event ticket with Jumia One. You enjoy up to ₦1000 cashback each time.

DENT is also the surest way to recharge airtime and getting free data. Dent now increase the referral bonus, meaning you get more Dents for recharging your phone for top-up and getting your desired amount of browsing data anytime anywhere. This is just an update (modification) to my previously written post.

DENT-App is an international platform to recharge airtime or send mobile data top-up and earn free data with the App. Get mobile data recharge for smartphones in Nigeria with unlimited data offers.

Mobile Banking Apps: You can recharge airtime and perform many more transactions on the bank mobile App for free and it saves you the extra charges to be incur while using the USSD channel.

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Which other channels are you using to recharge and avoid paying this new USSD charge? Let us know in the comment section below as to update this article. Thank you for your time visiting Kinfoarena.com

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