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Cheapest Glo Data Plan with 12GB & 750MB Free Night Browsing (See its Code)

Are you still seraching for Best Data plan in 2020? Well, stop the search as here comes the compilation of the Cheapest Glo Data Plan and the Cheap Airtel Data Plan for your delight.

I called it compilation because I had once wrote about them all in my previous posts.

To cut the story short, read all about Airtel Cheap and Free Data Plans here now. These include the Airtel 1GB data for all users, the Airtel 10 times bonus and Airtel Bings that gives up to 2GB data for low price.

Cheapest Glo Data Plan

Cheapest Glo Data Plan

Glo just introduced a data plan known as Sunday Data or Glo Weekend Data Plan. The data plan offers 1.25GB for just N200

This is first of its kind from Grandmaster of Data in the country. Glo once introduced Glo Slaph that offer up to 2GB for just N300. And that is the cheapest Glo data plan so far

Another from Glo is the Glo Special offer is a special data plan, made for all youths and most especially students at all higher school of learning.

This Data plan is known as Campus Booster but was just reviewed, as a change was made on all other Glo Data Plans.

The Glo Special Offer comes in two versions I will first work you through, on how to activate the Night plan that gives data plan for as low as N25.

Glo Night Data Plan

N25 / 12am to 5am
1day validity
N50 / 12am to 5am
1day validity
N100 / 12am to 5am
5 days validity

The Glo Night Data Plan, the volume can only be consumed between 12 AM and 5 AM. Read more on Glo Special Offer here

The Best Glo Data Plan 2020

Here are the cheapest Glo Data Plan at your fingertips. And below is how to activate this Glo Data Plan.

cheapest Glo Data Plan

Do you know you can browse for just N50 in a day and N100 to obtain up to 160MB of data in the new Glo Data Packs?. As Glo 17GB is now available for grab for big data users.

You can also get 1.8GB of data for 14days validity period at low price N500MB for N200 is now surfacing in the Glo Data Packs that was newly introduced for 2days validation.

Here below are the data plan to choose from in the Glo Data Packs

1.8GB + 500MB Night
N1000/30 days

3.7 GB (3.2GB + 500 MB Night) for New
3.25GB + 500MB Night
N1,500/30 days

6.75 GB (6.25GB + 500 MB Night) for
New Customers
4.75GB + 500MB Night
N2,000/30 days

9.5GB (9GB + 500 MB Night) for New
6.25GB + 750MB Night
N2,500/30 days

12.75 GB (12GB + 750 MB Night) for New
8.25GB + 750MB Night
N3,000/30 days

Glo 17GB (16.25GB + 750 MB Night) for New
11.25GB + 750MB Night
N4,000/30 days

19GB (18.25GB + 750 MB Night) for New
15.5GB + 1GB Night
N5,000/30 days

23GB (22GB + 1GB Night) for New
24GB + 1GB
N8,000/30 days

37GB (36GB + 1GB Night) for New

To get the best of these data plan is to

  1. Buy new Glo SIM card
  2. Upgrade you smartphone or browsing device to 4G enable See the 4G Smartphones and Device that uses 4G Network here

Other Cheap Data Monthly Plans like the Glo 17GB are:

40GB + 2GB
N10,000/30 days

42GB (40GB + 2GB Night) for New
75GB + 3GB
N15,000/30 days

78GB (75GB + 3GB Night) for New
95GB + 5GB
N18,000/30 days

100GB (95GB + 5GB Night) for New
110GB + 5GB
N20,000/30 days

115GB (110GB + 5GB Night) for New

However, the night volume can be consumed between 12 AM and 5 AM on all package listed in the table above.

Glo 17GB

How to Activate the Cheapest Glo Data Plan

Simply dial *777#

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