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Cure stomach ulcer, typhoid fever and severe cough in 5 days

👉Kindly share to  benefit others 👉 It’s another opportunity to learn and appreciate the beauty of Nature.. 👉List of Common Health concerns and first aid home remedy 👉1. TYPHOID FEVER: Get unripe pawpaw, unripe pineapple, ginger, lime orange and Lipton tea. 👉Cut into pieces, boil with fermented corn water for one hour. Take one glass […]


What causes the biggest downfall of most men

SEX IS SWEET!!! Most downfalls of men are caused by MULTIPLE girlfriends. Sex is a spiritual encounter I stand to be corrected, not every girl has a good spirit, some are demon, some has poison in between their legs, some are killers and destiny destroyers, be careful. A man who can control his sexual urge […]